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Renovate your home, office and business place with the best choice of wall decor. This world map is handmade of natural birch plywood, it is eco-friendly and will last a lifetime. People will be staring at it for hours! Our wooden world map from the Enjoythewood brand is handmade from natural birch hardboard, is environmentally friendly and timeless. People will stare at it for hours! It will be your decor, it will be your motivation to travel and it will be your pride.

The wooden world map is an amazing gift for friends, family or colleagues. It is a perfect addition to any space or office. The wooden maps are entirely handmade with a great attention to detail, resulting in a stunning accessory to your home or to your office.

All wooden world maps are available in the following sizes:

πŸ“ M – 100 cm x 60 cm
πŸ“ L – 150 cm x 90 cm
πŸ“ XL – 200 cm x 120 cm

1. Basic information

πŸ“ Our wooden world maps are protected by International Patent and Copyright Properties.

πŸ“ The first wooden map of the world was created by the Enjoythewood team.

πŸ“Handmade of natural birch plywood.

πŸ“ Default language of descriptions on the maps: English

πŸ“ Instructions for installing the map are in English! Click here to view installation instructions

πŸ“ The colour of the map might be a bit lighter or darker because it’s made of natural wood.

πŸ“ The highest quality wooden map on the market!

πŸ“ Laser engraved state borders and country names.

πŸ“ From 6 to 15 mm thickness

πŸ“ Due to the size, some countries and islands are omitted on the map, so the map is not 100% geographically correct.

πŸ“ Comes already in a nice gift box, ready for gift giving.

πŸ“ Ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats and compass are included in the package.

πŸ“ Lifetime warranty.

2. Product description

2D / 3D wall map of the world, various dimensions, quality handmade and made of natural birch plywood. Each piece is inspected and further processed if necessary, while the borders and names of the countries are laser-engraved very precisely, so the inscriptions are very “clean” and clearly readable. The whole map is one big puzzle, as it consists of several wooden parts, continents and islands. The parts of the map are easily connected to each other. The difference between a 2D and a 3D map is that a 3D map is made of several layers of wood that are already hand-glued together and also hand-painted (in 5 shades or colors). The thickness of an individual piece in a 3D map is between 6 and 15 mm.

3. The sizes of maps & delivery time

All wooden world maps are available in the following sizes:

πŸ“ M – 100 cm x 60 cm / on stock / delivery: 2-3 workdays
πŸ“ L – 150 cm x 90 cm / on stock / delivery: 2-3 workdays
πŸ“ XL – 200 cm x 120 cm / on stock / delivery: 2-3 workdays

4. Installation of the map

πŸ“ Easy installation in 1-2 hours (depending on the size of the map) with the help of corner stencils and installation instructions.

πŸ“ The map includes a special adhesive tape / removable adhesive that does not damage your walls (but is not suitable for wallpaper).

Installation of the world map is easy and offers a lots of fun. The base on which you want to place the map must not be damp, as moisture can deform the wood over time as it can change its shape (bends). Also, the map should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the wood can change its colour.

Everything you need can be found directly in the package. The supplied double-sided adhesive tape is a welcome replacement for traditional classic joining systems, which means that drilling and screwing is not necessary. The adhesive tape provides a strong and long-lasting joint, a uniform joint line, excellent sealing and a perfect design. The adhesive tape can also be easily removed from the wall. Additional liquid adhesives are not used as wall damage may occur. The same goes for pins, as the map can be damaged. The package also includes a template with which you can place the individual continents very precisely on your wall. Absolutely every member of the family can participate in the installation of the map and so it all becomes more fun.

Our 2D / 3D wooden world maps can be used indoors as a stylish addition to your home. The map has an exclusive design which can add beauty to your home. Many people have replaced the paintings on their walls with our wooden maps. Our wooden world maps definitely have an educational effect and are helpful for both children and adults, as the map is always “at hand”. The map can also be a good motivator, as it can indicate the places we intend to visit in the near future.

As an addition to the maps, push pinscan also be used to mark the places that you have already visited or plan to visit in the near future. Pins can be in the form of planes, flags or events. In doing so, you need to be especially careful that the pins do not come into contact with young children and pets. You can order the push pins here.

5. Package information

The package contains:

  • 2D or 3D wooden world map in the selected size, divided into individual pieces and continents
  • 1 x wooden compas
  • 2 x wooden ships
  • 3 x wooden airplanes
  • 4x description of oceans
  • instructions for installing the map
  • recommendation for the correct layout of the map
  • double-sided adhesive tape for attaching the world map to the wall (if you follow the instructions, the adhesive tape will be exactly enough)

All pieces of the map are packed in polystyrene and also in a cardboard gift box, so the possibility of damage during transport is very small.

Package sizes and weights:

2D wooden world map

  • M size: 37 x 33 x 11 cm, 1,5 kg
  • L size: 42 x 42 x 14 cm, 3 kg
  • XL size: 45 Ρ… 49 Ρ… 17 cm, 5 kg

3D wooden world map

  • M size: 37x33x11 cm, 1.5 kg
  • L size: 42x42x14 cm, 4 kg
  • XL size: 45Ρ…49Ρ…17 cm, 7.5 kg

6. Add-ons to the wooden world maps

In our online store we also offer:

  1. push pins that you can use anywhere on the map to mark places you have already visited or plan to visit in the near future. Pins can be in the form of planes, flags or events.

7. Advice for map selection

If you are not sure which size or color of the wooden world map suits your space, please contact us via the e-mail address info@hiddenforest.si, we will be happy to advise you. Measure the space where you plan to place the map, including items (such as a couch, bed, dresser, etc.) that will be below the map. You can also send us a photo. This will make it easier for us to advise you on the correct map size as well as color if you are unsure. Of course, the final decision is yours. 😊

Video about the installation of a wooden map of Enjoythewood:

Video presentation of the Enjoythewood production:


The Wooden World Map is protected by International Patent and Copyright Properties. By copying the product you commit copyright infringement and will face serious legal issues.

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